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Cốc nguyệt san Lunette - Thương hiệu cốc nguyệt san hàng đầu thế giới 

Chiếc cốc dành riêng cho bạn - Sạch sẽ thoải mái tiện lợi, đây chính là câu trả lời cho bạn, giúp bạn trải qua kỳ nguyệt san hàng tháng một cách thoải mái, sạch sẽ và an toàn hơn rất nhiều. Sản phẩm kèm túi vải bảo quản xinh xắn nhỏ gọn, dễ dàng mang đi. 

  • Chất liệu 100% Sillicone y tế cao cấp có tính năng kháng khuẩn tuyệt đối, chống rò rỉ cao
  • Không còn nỗi lo mẩn ngứa như khi sử dụng băng vệ sinh
  • Chất liệu cốc mềm mại, không gây cộm hay khó chịu khi đeo.
  • Thoải mái đi bơi, đi biển, tập thể dục, vận động, diện đồ bó sát vào những ngày đèn đỏ
  • Thoáng mát, sạch sẽ, vệ sinh
  • Tái sử dụng trong vài năm nên tiết kiệm chi phí cho bạn
  • Cách sử dụng, bảo quản cốc dễ dàng, đơn giản và an toàn

Cốc nguyệt san Lunette là gì?

Cốc nguyệt san Lunette  là sản phẩm thay thế băng vệ sinh và tampon được dùng cho những ngày kinh nguyệt bằng cách đặt nằm trong âm đạo và hứng dịch kinh nguyệt. Cốc nguyệt san Lunette  được làm từ 100% Sillicone y tế  chất lượng cao, an toàn tuyệt đối khi đưa vào trong cơ thể và có thể tái sử dụng trong vòng 10 năm không cần mua mới thay thế.

Cốc nguyệt san Lunette là giải pháp của tương lại trong việc chăm sóc vùng kín phụ nữ

  • Tiết kiệm : Tái sử dụng trong nhiều năm nên tiết kiệm chi phí cho bạn và cả thời gian đi mua sắm. 
  • Tốt cho sức khoẻ: Cốc nguyệt san chỉ thu thập kinh nguyệt chứ không sử dụng các vật liệu thấm hút nên bảo vệ môi trường tự nhiên của âm đạo, không khô rát và kích ứng hoá chất. 
  • Hạnh phúc hơn: Giảm thiểu rác thải ra môi trường. Việc sử dụng cốc nguyệt san là một hành động tích cực bảo vệ hành tinh xanh của chúng ta. 
  • More control: Unlike tampons, you never “run out” of Lunette. Like an invisible sidekick it runs around with you either in a handy, cute pouch or sitting comfortably inside you. Meaning you can say goodbye to the worry, the hassle, the leaks and just live your life.

Why Lunette is the best menstrual cup

  • Comfortable: Soft and flexible rim for that "I forgot it was even there" feeling.
  • Reliable: A superior shape for greater capacity and comfortable, fixed placement.
  • High quality: Natural, highest medical grade silicone which is BPA free and no chemicals.
  • Easy to clean: Smooth interior for easy cleaning.
  • Easy to use: A cleverly designed stem, ridges and larger air holes make for quick and easy ins and outs.


How does the menstrual cup differ from the tampon?
Both are internal menstrual protection. The menstrual cup collects the blood and the tampon absorbs it. The tampon can be used only once whereas the menstrual cup can be used for many years.

The absorbing capacity of the tampon is given in grammes and the capacity of the menstrual cup in millilitres. One ml of menstrual blood is comparable with a gramme and so the capacity of tampons and menstrual cups is comparable The capacity of the Lunette menstrual cup is 25 ml (model 1) and 30 ml (model 2). The absorbing capacity of a tampon is 6-18 g.

How to know if my flow is heavy or light?
The dividing line between normal and heavy flow is 80 ml during your periods.

Model 1

  • Spotting. A drop or two of blood, not even requiring sanitary pad though you may prefer to use one.
  • Very light bleeding: Needing to change a low-absorbency tampon or pad one or two times per day, though you may prefer to change them more frequently.
  • Light bleeding: Needing to change a low or regular absorbency tampon or pad two or three times per day, though you may prefer to change more frequently.

Model 2

  • Moderate bleeding: Changing normal absorbency pad or tampon every three to four hours.
  • Heavy bleeding: Needing to change a high-absorbency tampon or pad every three to four hours, though you may prefer to change more frequently.
  • Very heavy bleeding or Gushing: Protection hardly works at all. You would need to change the highest absorbency tampon or pad every hour or two.

Can I use the Lunette menstrual cup with an IUD?
Of course. If you do use an IUD, consult with your doctor about cutting the strings as short as possible and monitor their length regularly during periods. If the strings seem longer than normal, it might be a sign that your IUD has moved.

Can I use Lunette with a Contraceptive Ring?
Yes! We’re not trying to prevent you from using your preferred form of birth control. If you are using Lunette together with a contraceptive ring, insert the contraceptive ring before you insert your Lunette Cup. If you’re struggling to take the cup out because the ring is slipping out, don’t panic – it’s a-okay to pop it back in right away.

Do I have to remove the menstrual cup when I go to the toilet?
No. You can normally go to the toilet when you’re wearing your Lunette. After a bowel movement, you might want to check that the menstrual cup is still sitting properly. Please do not forget your hand hygiene here!

So does your blood just sit there?
Technically yes, but you don’t have to worry about leakage. Unless you like, absolutely forgot you had the cup inside you because it’s just that comfortable. Your blood might overflow and only then would leakage be a problem.

Can I sleep or swim with the cup?
For sure you can! Cup is really easy when swimming since there are no string attached.

Sometimes I have leakage when I use it. Can this be related to the cervix?
The cervix is the entrance of the uterus through which menstrual blood flows through a pin-sized hole into the vaginal canal. The cervix usually sits high in the vagina keeping it above the menstrual cup which is placed low down. If you’re a woman whose cervix moves to a lower position during menstruation or if the cup is inserted too high, then the two can touch and cause leaks or discomfort.


  • You can locate your cervix in the upper part of your vagina and it feels like the tip of a nose. If you can’t locate it then it just means yours is deep enough it won’t affect using the cup anyway. 
  • If you’ve given birth recently, or more than once, exercise the pelvic diaphragm muscles by doing kegels (the added bonus it can also help with incontinence and improving sex!)

I can't get my menstrual cup out. Should I worry?
Don’t worry, you’re not getting anything stuck in there. Removing your menstrual cup can be strange at first but relax. Take a deep breath. Now relax your muscles and slowly try to grasp the bottom of the cup with your fingers before gently easing it out. You can also try a little rocking back and forth or squatting. A popular position is while sitting on the toilet with your knees (and vagina) wide open and legs relaxed.

My Lunette menstrual cup has been inside me for ten hours, should I worry?
The usage limit of 12 hours is a recommendation, but longer use will not necessarily cause problems. They recommend changing it 3-4 times a day to avoid any risk of infections.

My Lunette menstrual cup has started to become discolored over time. Is this normal?
It's normal since blood is quite strong but with good cleaning you can minimize the discoloring.

How often should I get a new cup?
They recommend replacing the Lunette cup every few years depending on how well you take care of it. They have users who have used their Lunette cup for ten years but some prefer to change it yearly.


F.A.Q.s About Safety

Is the Cup Material Safe?
The silicone used in Lunette is not the same type of liquid silicone that is used in breast implants. Lunette silicone is soft and silky, yet solid and poses no risk of leaking. It's toxin-free, durable, and in no way harmful to human tissue.

Does Lunette Contain Phthalates, Bisphenol A or Heavy Metals?
No, Lunette (clear and colored versions) is manufactured from highest quality medical grade silicone and it does not contain any phthalates, bisphenol A, or heavy metals.

Should I Replace the Lunette Once a Year?
Lunette doesn't  think it's necessary to replace it that often. Lunette exceeds all expectations: it's made of the best quality of medical-grade silicone. You can safely use your Lunette for several years — there's no need to replace it annually, however the FDA recommends replacing the cup every two to three years. Some women choose to replace their cup over time due to aesthetic reasons, as cups have a tendency to discolor with age. You can prevent discoloring by always rinsing your cup with cold water before cleaning it using the Lunette Feelbetter Liquid Wash.

How Can I be Sure that their Products are Manufactured in Finland?
All Lunette products, including Lunette menstrual cups, Feelbetter Liquid Wash, and Moodsmooth Body Cream, have the coveted Key Flag, an award and certification of distinction for superior products produced in Finland, issued by the Association for Finnish Work. This association has been promoting and regulating Finnish manufacturing, products and innovations for over 95 years. When issuing the Key Flag, all costs accumulated up to the shipping of a product at the factory gate are observed.


Put Quality First

We’ve all been taught to care about the food that goes into our bodies, so why not the other things too? Lunnette believes your body is a wonderland (cheesy but totally true!) and the Lunette menstrual cup with designed with that in mind. High quality, safe and 100% compatible with any type of body and lifestyle.

U.S. Standards
The medical-grade silicone used in Lunette is FDA approved, hypoallergenic, toxin-free, durable, and isn’t harmful to human tissue! Lunette cups are listed in the FDA register. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. The FDA recommends replacing your cup every two or three years.

Use the real thing
We’re not the only ones who think menstrual cups are the future of period care. But beware! Not all cups are created equal. Choose genuine Lunette products and buy from sources you trust because there is no 2nd best when it comes to your health.

Authentic Lunette menstrual cups are the best
Since the dawn of time, great designs have been copied (and the Lunette cup is no exception). But just because a cup looks like a Lunette, doesn't mean it is. Unlike some other fraudsters, Lunette menstrual cups use medical grade FDA approved silicone and colorants. Lunette cups have gone through strict quality control, TGA (Australia) and FDA 510K (USA) review. They’re small and pretty...but definitely mighty. Some knockoffs might be cheaper but your safety, comfort and trust should always be the priority.

Why is Authenticity So Important?:

  • Unknown sources of silicone can be a danger to your health
  • It could contain other substances with unknown toxicity or contaminants
  • Poor quality results in cup rips, cracks, collapse, inability to hold fluids or failure to insert correctly
  • Unauthorized sellers could sell you a “previously used” product (along with all the health risks attached)


More Than a Company

Lunette's mission is to have honest and inspiring conversation about menstruation so that they can motivate period positivity- and change the world one cup at a time. Lunette is so much more than a cup. It's a lifestyle. It's a community. It's the future.

So, how did Lunette start?
Heli Kurjanen had a vision about the future of period care. Tired of bleeding into tampons and pads, she decided to buy a menstrual cup online, only to find that these things also didn’t work for her. However, the freedom and flexibility of a menstrual cup sparked a light in her brain. Why not make my own menstrual cup, one that actually works for me?

With laser vision and improved design rooted in safety, ease, and comfort (and compatible for women of every age, shape, size and childbearing stage), Heli led the charge to create the world’s top menstrual cup – Lunette.

Heli’s home country, Finland, took Lunette by storm. Sales were strong, which helped Lunette go international. Team Lunette believes in bringing education, opportunities, and intelligent period care solutions for every menstruating person on the planet – because no one deserves to stop their normal day-to-day life just because they don’t have access to safe and comfortable menstrual care.

Lunette is all about liberation. They're advocates of individuality without selfishness, community without conformity and of course equality for all. You don’t need anyone to “empower” you, because you already have the power within to liberate yourself from external expectations, limitations and period care products that are bad for your body and the environment.

Lunette leads by example, practicing period positivity and shame-free bleeding.

No matter how you identify, you're welcome with open arms.

Lunette is committed to leaving the earth better than we found it.

They believe Lunette is the future of period care.

Everyone with a uterus deserves easy access to period care products.

By educating people about menstruation, they are activating the power within.



How To Use
At home, at work, on holiday, on the go! Lunette menstrual cups are designed to be simple and fuss-free. Simply fold and insert. Done!

Tips for First Time Menstrual Cup Insertion:

  • Relax and take your time: Choose alone time when you can focus without distractions or interruptions. Perhaps after a warm bath when you are relaxed. If you are too nervous, the vaginal muscles will tighten, making it uncomfortable, if not impossible, for successful insertion.
  • Get Acquainted with yourself: It is always a good idea to know your own body. Take some time to locate the vaginal opening and even insert a finger to locate your cervix. It feels exactly like the tip of your nose. Knowing where your cervix is will help you to position the cup properly and not insert it too high.
  • Practice during your period: The vagina is more flexible and the blood works as a lubricant. OR . . .
  • Take a "dry run" before your period: You might be more comfortable practicing before your period if you feel squeamish about touching blood. In this case, use water as a lubricant.
  • Try different folds that accentuate the insertion point:Most women use the typical C-fold. However, there are many ways to fold a Lunette.
  • Proper insertion direction: Be aware that the direction of insertion needs to be aimed towards the small of your back -- not straight up.
  • Be patient: Know that it may take several times before you are successful. If you begin without the expectation of perfect insertion, you are more likely to be relaxed and pleasantly surprised when success happens.
  • Assess the stem: Once inserted, you will need to decide whether or not to keep the stem. If it protrudes, it will be uncomfortable. In this case, you likely won't need the stem and can trim it off. However, if not, you may need it to assist with removal.

Tips for first time menstrual cup removal:

  • Again - RELAX: Just as with insertion. Take your time!
  • Do NOT pull on the stem: The stem is used to gain access the bottom of the cup. If you pull on the stem, it will hurt! It will also create a mess since the cup won't be supported or controlled when it exits.
  • Squeeze bottom to release suction: This is the key - the bottom of the cup has ridges for gripping. Grip the bottom and tweek the cup to the side. The idea is to pull an edge away from the vaginal wall to release suction. You will hear it when this happens.
  • Rock gently: Once suction releases, gently rock the cup from side to side as you pull it out. This technique might not be necessary, but helps with removal if the cup is feeling stubborn to come out.



All Lunette menstrual cups are soft and pliable, however, Lunette Cup Model 2 is made of firmer silicone than Lunette Cup Model 1.

  • The diameter is 46 mm (1.8 inches) by 52 mm (2 inches).
  • The stem measures 20 mm (0.8 inches).
  • The volume of the cup is 30 ml (1.0 fl oz).
  • Measuring lines: 7.5ml (0.25 oz) and 15ml (0.5 oz)



If you have gynecological problems, discuss using Lunette with your physician.





The home of the Lune Group Ltd is the small rural community of Juupajoki in North Pirkanmaa, Finland. Thanks to a close cooperation with business partners in the region, and the global reach of the Internet, today the Lune Group Oy Ltd is an internationally successful company with its own affiliated companies and retailers in dozens of countries around the world – more each week.

Lunette is a market leader in Finland with 90 % market share. Lunette vision is to make the menstrual cup a mainstream product.. all over the world.

Lunette - for nicer periods.



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